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History about the war Essay Example for Free

History about the war Essay It is very true that the United States overthrew Guatemala, Chile and Iran. There are some motivations behind the overthrows. One of the motivations behind the overthrows is nationalism. This is because United Nations just like all other nations opposes nationalism. Other main motivations behind the United States overthrow to these countries include the urge to impose its ideology, gaining control of some of the valuable resources and the increase of its power. The United States also carries out coups, invasions and revolutions so that it can topple it feared or mistrusted. It also uses a variety of methods in persuading g other countries into assisting them with the coups revolutions and invasions. The methods used include the offering of booties to states that support its interests, time-honored strategies of diplomacy and retaliation threats to those countries that refuse to support them. In Chile United States launched its coup with the aim of propagating the spirit of good humanitarian ground. This is because Pinochet was highly involved in human rights violations because his security forces were perceived to be accountable for more than 3,197 murders of the Chilean citizens. 1,100 of the murdered citizens â€Å"disappeared† for they were abused to their death, thrown by the military from the helicopters into Pacific Ocean or buried into secret graves. The other reason as to why united states carried out the coup was to ensure that it prevented its consolidation and also limited the governments ability to implement some of the policies which were contrary to itself (U.  S) and also hemispheric interests. U. S also committed some coups with the aim of fostering its accessibility to some of the economically rich regions. For instance in 1953 Dulles ordered a coup on Iran which was intended to make Middle East very safe for American oil companies. United sates committed a coup in Guatemala because it disliked the communist policies which were set by Arbenz. He was perceived to be a communist because h e sought to give the landless some land or in other words he advocated for equal land distribution by giving peasants the idle lands which belonged to the upper class. Dulles had ordered the coup in Guatemala because he had disliked the way the nationalist government had confronted the power of the United Fruit Company which was represented by his old law firm (Npr. org, 01). United States of America was involved in what was called â€Å"people’s war† against fascism. All the American were in agreement with capitalists, democrats, republicans, communists, rich, poor and the middle class and this is why the war was referred to as the people’s war. This war was the trendiest in United States that the country had ever fought. This is because around 18 million people participated in the war. And over 25 million workers contributed financially to the war. The power of the nation, church, press and also chief radical organizations called for all-out war. The war was in opposition to an enemy of appalling evil. for instance Hitlers Germany was widening totalitarianism, , militarism and overt aggressive, and racism warfare outside what an already contemptuous world had gone through yet, the governments(the United States, England, the Soviet Union) accomplishing this represented something considerably different, so that their success would be a bluster to imperialism, totalitarianism, racism, militarism, in the world. America stepped up as the defender of vulnerable countries matching its image in American history textbooks for high school. For instance it opposed Haitian revolution for independence from France at the beginning of 19C. America just pursued its imperialist interests in the name of assisting the helpless countries for it instigated conflicts with Mexico taking half of the country. It also pretended to rescue Cuba from Spain at the same time it stagnated there with military base, rights of interventions and investments. It also grabbed Hawaii Guam and Puerto Rico it also took the con troll of panama by revolutionizing against Columbia. The main reason as to why US entered the WW II was to defend the principle referred to as the non-intervention of other country’s or states affairs but many questions arose about its credibility. United States was one of the victors in WW II thus coming into a position to dominate many areas in the world and also creating conditions for efficient and effective control at home. The war brought about higher prices for all farmers, enough prosperity, higher wages, higher prosperity unlike thirties which was accompanied by a lot of unemployment and economic distress. The war was pressing people at home because the budget was mainly to the advantage of military operations abroad without considering the needs of people at home. For example people were affected by the test of the nuclear weapons but the leaders argued that it was not harmful (libcom. org/history 1). The presence of the country in permanent war kind of economy proved to be very big pockets for poverty. The distribution of health also remained unequal with the highest family getting 45 % of all the income and the lowest family getting 5% there was unequal distribution of wealth, tax advantages and income. Many American citizens were afraid of communism and this was oppressing those who believed in it. Many people were against the war. This is because they felt that the war was only seeking to dominate other countries. They said that it was commercial, ruthless and imperialistic. Socialist parties opposed the war arguing that it was a crime against the people of United States many opponent claim that the war was a human violence because it was a murderous kind of business. Again the opponents argued that a lot of nation’s money is not well utilized when it is used in wars for there are many ways of cheap mediations which do not involve conflicts. Opponents felt that the war is inhuman to both countries because some of the devices used are harmful to innocent citizens (Zinn 355). Bernay’s ideas on social control can be used to think about Friedman’s book secret histories because they both assume that propaganda can be a very effective tool for manipulating and shaping public opinion in the current society. Friedman has quoted how America used propaganda into fostering war against other countries. For example it lied that it was going to assist helpless countries only for the American to star dominating investing in those countries. Edwards’s propaganda disagrees with skeptics who argue about low levels of illiteracy. He says that printed word played a very crucial role during the early reformation. This is because it enabled Luther in broadcasting his attack towards the traditional authorities with greater rapidity and also made it possible to co-ordinate some of the activities of scattered followers. The printed medium embodied the subversive messages it conveyed. Numerous duplicates of cheap agitatory pamphlets reinforced the message of lay involvement much to the disadvantage and distress of catholic publicist. Edward uses the character of early Lutheran teachings to stress the difference between the limited vernacular literatures to lay readers before 1512 and what is currently known to the historian familiar with lathers works. Luther’s views were highly publicized by catholic rebuttals. In the hidden sides of Vietnam War Friedman is trying to identify some of the truth. Friedman argues that during the Vietnam War the United States was only seeking to undermine Hanoi’s subversion of the Saigon regime by sending Vietnamese operatives behind the enemy’s line. The secret to most of the Americans was that this covert operation was far from secret in Hanoi because all the commandos were either killed or captured and thereafter turned into communists to report false information. Using Bernay’s propaganda we can say that the U. S propaganda did its job incorrectly. This is because the educated section of the population accepted the government Vietnam War propaganda without questions. The United States was the one attacking southern Vietnam but it claimed that it was not the one because most of the American population was against those attacks. Book Review. The book â€Å"voices of a people’s history of united states† by Howard Zinn talks about gives the history of the fight for human dignity. He highlights some of the most significance political acts which were perceived to be the sound of the real human voice. This book assist me in understanding the modern American history for it highlights the idea that the minimization of resistance can only be achieved through the propagation of the idea that power remains with people who have guns, who posses wealth, own newspapers and also those who own television stations. The book assists me in understanding the reason as to why there are movements to fight the lack of voice brought about by lack of power.

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