Monday, September 9, 2019

Procurement route Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Procurement route - Essay Example The clients specify the budgetary constraints to the consultant who are then supposed to determine the targets and requirements from the business case prepared by the client. As the requirements and specification are prepared by different entities, certain amount of time is spent in the transformation and is hence slow in comparison to other approaches. This approach has also not been found to be suitable for complex construction projects due to a lack of prolonged involvement of the client in the design and build, due to which there is a gap between desired outcomes and the actual implementation. There is a greater degree of sub-contracting of certain aspects of the construction to specialized sub contractors due to which work progresses on numerous fronts simultaneously, which is why it is suitable for fast-track and complex projects. An additional management contractor is employed to maintain correspondence with all elements connected with the project involved in the project. This way, the management contractor has full freedom to choose specialized companies to handle specific works of the project qualitatively and at a brisk pace. This approach also provides less cost certainty as both design and construction commence at the same time, which means adjustments and modifications to cost, budget and raw materials always take place. The preceding paragraphs have described the various procurement routes that have evolved as part of the process of procurement. However, not all are suitable in the current context of the issue surrounding the Conlon’s Chemicals site. As such, it is deemed appropriate to evaluate each procurement approach with the given problem and arrive at the most suitable procurement route. The client in this case has only specified the budget and has made it clear that the cost of the two projects have to stay within the specified budget. When considering the traditional

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